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Software development
& data services


IT and software development activities
Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
Other research and development in the field of natural sciences and engineering 

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Successful projects around the globe
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If you are considering our services, you can ask our portfolio to prove the corresponding numbers. We create real values and protect the interests of our clients.

what we do and how can we help you?

We analyse, design, create and produce the software, content and data projects. 

Our relationship with clients, employees and communities are imbibed within our vision and mission. These values act as a torchbearer, thereby guiding our business strategies and future growth. 

We deliver trust, ethics and confidentiality to our clients.

We are thinkers. In love with science. Working agile. Love opensource. Have understanding and open mind. Here to help you with your project.

Just write us a line about your project.

Software development & CONSULTATION
Michaela Bartonova

You can order complex software services. Just what is necessary to create your project in form of the work packages following the best practices. We will define the scope of the work, make necessary analysis or follow yours. We can review the inputs and give you a feedback, just to make our cooperation running smoothly following the predefined path within the budget.


Project Management
Business Efficiency
Input Analysis


Database Architecture
Software Prototyping
User Experience


Custom Web and Mobile Applications
Desktop and Server Systems
Data Integrations and Visualizations


Software QA
Stress/Load Testing
Vulnerability Testing


Application Security
Scalable Cloud Platforms
Analytical monitoring


SRE/DevOps services
Extending lifecycle services
Virtualisation instrumentalisations

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